Alexandra Velikova & Veliko Velikov
Gymnastics Teachers Kimberley Performing Arts Centre

Alex and Vich first met in January 2003, when quite by chance they found themselves working on the same cirque show in Dubai. Alex as a Dancer, and Vich as an acrobat.

About Veliko Velikov

Veliko Hristov Velikov, better known as Vich, was born in Varna Bulgaria. At the age of 4 he was selected to join a specialist sports school where he trained as a gymnast under the communist regime, representing the junior national team.

At 14 he was scouted by the world famous “Kovatchovi” acrobatic troupe, so left school, his family and Bulgaria to join the world of Cirque. He toured the world for many years, starring in Kovatchovi’s spring board act, though eventually had to return to Bulgaria to complete his National Service.

His Travels eventually brought him to England, where he joined “Troupe Julio”, touring with Cirque Starr as principle acrobat in Russian Swing, Spring Board, Fast Track, and soloist in Handstand and Aerial Straps. Whilst in the UK, Veliko was also asked to join a stunt agency and starred as “Electro” in the “Spiderman Stunt Show.” He also performed with the “Acromaniacs” in “Aladdin” at the Swansea Grand, and “Peter Pan” at the Opera House, Northampton.

About Alexandra Velikova

Alexandra (Alex) Velikova, originally Alexandra Jane Schofield, was born in Doncaster, and began dancing at the age of 4. Realising a love for performing, at 16 she left home and trained professionally for 3 years at the highly acclaimed “Laine Theatre Arts”, following which she danced in productions worldwide.

After years of experience on the stage Alexandra turned her talents to production. Following several years as Assistant Choreographer, a particular favourite being on “Storm”, at Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast Australia, she is very proud to have choreographed and been Resident Artistic Director of the “Thursford Christmas Spectacular”, Norfolk England.

Another career highlight, was performing alongside David Essex as Mrs Darling in “Peter Pan”, Northampton. Not only did she use her acting, acrobatic and dance talents, but she had to sing!!!!

They came back to the UK together, but their separate careers meant they were spending long periods of time apart. They decided the only way to make their relationship work, (and save on travel & phone expense) was to combine their talents and so Duo Velikovi was born! After a winter of intense training, they were offered a UK circus tour and following that headed back to the UAE for a summer season in Doha, Qatar.

Three days after saying “I Do”, in January 2007 they flew to Miami to join their first cruise ship and spent the next 5 years performing on the high seas!

The couple trained for hours every day to hone their craft. Constantly upgrading and perfecting their acrobatic skills. By 2009 the couple had become proficient in a wide array of circus/acrobatic skills – Aerial Hoop, Straps and Silks, Handstand, and Adage.

They produced their own two man show, “JOURNEY!” This was an absolute career highlight for them both, and their hard work paid off as they received an incredible 100% standing ovation rate.

After retiring in 2005, to start a family, their lives are now on a new path. In 2013 they welcomed a daughter into the world and are very proud of all their students’ progress and of being a part of the KPAC team